Are you ready to have a

relationship that

not only looks good on social media

but also

feels great behind closed doors?

Join The Millennial Wife Guide:

Secrets for a fun, happy, long lasting marriage.

This 6 week program is designed to stop you living like roommates that share the bills and chores

and start enjoying deep intimacy with your man

You desire to re-inject FUN and PLAYFULNESS with hubby

and you need change to make that happen

You might already have date night sporadically but that's not enough

You might be getting help, but only after nagging him a few times

The thing is: YOU KNOW that in order to feel more connected

and less frustrated you need more than that.

Wouldn't it be nice to have more than a roommate you delegate to?

Wouldn't it be nice to have your hubby show initiative?

Wouldn't it be nice to have hubby connect with you, and not because he wants sex?

How does that sound to you?

If GOOD then The Millennial Wife Guide is the program for you. The 6 week program will take you through step-by-step how to use your feminine energy to influence hubby and get on the same page so you are not nagging him and everything leads to an argument.

This program will help you with simple yet effective tools of how to have 'real life' couple goals and not just what people see on social media.

Is The Millennial Wife Guide program for me?

Fantastic question . Let me walk you through the 3 types of people that The Millennial Wife Guide is for and you decide if it will be a great fit.

It's for you if ...

  • You want a deep intimate connection with your husband

you want to have connection not only sexually (which he probably understands all too well), you want an emotional, social, intellectual connection. You want to be married to your best friend. Someone who understands you and not everything has to lead to an argument.

  • You feel frustrated, unappreciated, misunderstood

 and taken for granted

you want to be seen, you want him to notice how much you do for the family, you have given up so much, you do so much and you just want him to recognise all your efforts.

  • You want to prioritise time with hubby so you can re-ignite the feelings that got you down the aisle in the first place.

you want to enjoy time with hubby again, having children shouldn't be stopping you having fun. Its fun that made you want to marry him so make fun a part of everyday life

In summary The Millennial Wife Guide is FOR YOU if you want to build intimacy, restore fun, enjoy sex and be on the same team as hubby

Does this sound like you?


Then you would be perfect for this program

Let's also get clear on who this program is NOT for.

The Millennial Wife Guide is not for you if ...

  • You are experiencing any form of abuse (physical, emotional, financial, etc)

  • You or your husband have serious mental health issues or suffer from addiction

  • Your relationship is suffering from compulsive behaviour such as chronic infidelity, gambling etc

During this 6 week program we are going to be covering

Week 1

Communicating confidently & effectively

No more going around in circles when it comes disagreeing with your husband. I'll be sharing the best strategies on handling conflict and truly being heard without starting World War 3!

Week 2

Self care & Feminine Energy

Channeling your divine feminine energy, this is all about understanding yourself as a woman and the gifts that you have that will transform your marriage. We’ll cover how to make time for yourself, while still running your household.

Week 3

Roles and Responsibilities

Understanding yours and your husband’s roles and responsibilities within your home will be key for you to work as a team and focus on your strengths to benefit the home.

Week 4

Let's talk Money

You can thrive in money and love. I will be sharing with you the 5 game changing perspectives that will allow you to understand that it was never about the money.

Week 5

Understanding Sex & Intimacy

Did you know that sex unlocks a man's emotions? And guess who holds the key! We’ll talk about the importance of sex within your marriage and why sex for him is primarily emotional, not physical.

Week 6

Safeguarding your union

We’ll cover how to nurture an environment that helps your relationship to grow by finding more time for fun, playfulness and intimacy

Lets just take a walk into the future and see what that looks like

After you have completed the program your new reality will look like this

  • You will speak to hubby in a way that allows you to both feel heard and understood
  • You will be intimately connected emotionally, sexually, physically, intellectually
  • You will inject more fun, flirting and playfulness in your marriage
  • You will make time for each other a priority that you are both responsible for
  • You will both understand your roles and contributions to the household
  • You will fight fairly and with purpose - being able to come to a resolution where you both win
  • You will make time for yourself a priority get some 'guilt -free' recharge time
  • You will understand your emotions in depth and use them to support your marriage

If you are ready to have a marriage where there is more

laughter, passion, appreciation and support

And even when you disagree the fights are an opportunity to grow closer because you work as a team

Imagine a relationship where you and your husband are deeply connected and having fun


I highly recommend the Millennial Wife program with Charleen. It is very informative and easy to follow through with practical steps. Charleen is very knowledgeable in this subject matter and free to share her own experiences. She’s easily approachable on other days outside the program which is very helpful.

- Gugu -

Meet Your Coach

I am Charleen the founder of The Early Years Marriage Coach. The reason I decided to start marriage coaching was because of my own personal journey. To the outside world, we were "couples goals" but behind closed doors we were having serious arguments about money and the division of household chores.

I felt as though my husband was still able to 'live his life as normal' after we had our first child while everything for me changed drastically overnight. He felt that I didn't respect him and did not appreciate all the things that he was doing for the family. So something had to change, we both could not carry on living life like this.

The principles and techniques that you will receive from this course are tried and tested and have made a real difference in our life. You will receive some strategies that will make a real difference in your marriage, forever seems like a prison sentence if you are not enjoying your marriage.

Charleen x

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will the program run for?

The program runs for 6 weeks. This will include 6 live coaching group sessions and a 1:2:1 session where we can discuss your own personal situation.

  • What day does the program start?

The next cohort starts on 17th October 2022

  • Will I have to share my personal information?

No! You do not have to share any personal information, during the call I will ask the group if they have had any breakthroughs or challenge in the past week. You can share if feel comfortable but you are under no obligation to do so.

  • Will this work, if its just me on the program and not my husband as well?

Absolutely, I strongly believe in our influence as women, to be able to influence the change we want to see. One thing that you have to remember is you only have power over yourself, and as you become more self aware and learn some key strategies to help you navigate through your marriage you will see the change start to happen in your marriage.

  • How will I get access to the course?

There will be a weekly live coaching on zoom and you have access to the replay as well of you are not able to make the live coaching.

  • What days and time do we meet up?

We will have a live coaching session on zoom on Mondays at 8PM GMT

  • How does coaching differ from counselling/therapy?

Coaching focuses on where you at present and where you headed, so as your coach think of me as your marriage Satnav. We start where you are and tell me where you would like to go and I will help you gain clarity on how to get there, remove any obstacles in the way and empower you to have your very own 'marriage goals'. Counselling/therapy delve into your past and help you in areas that you may be stuck in based on what happened in the past. Occasionally we may look into the past just to get clear on certain things but the coaching will not be looking at resolving the past. With all that being said, therapy and coaching can complement each other very well, so if at any point I feel you would benefit from that then I would make that recommendation.