How to Save Money with Price Matching (Not Coupon Clipping)

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First and foremost, if you’re an avid coupon clipper who enjoys it, has a system down, and truly saves money on the brands that you cannot part with — that’s great! Keep doing what you’re doing.

I want you to make the most of your income, and coupons can certainly add up to a good amount of savings.

However, I find that most of us really want to save even more and make those dollars stretch farther. And, guess what? There’s a way to do that MUCH better than with coupons.  

How to Save Money with Price Matching (Not Coupon Clipping) // The Millennial Wife

The Problem With Just Using Coupons

Here’s the problem.  

Most of the time, no matter where you look for coupons, you’re going to find that only name brand items have coupons available. You will almost never find coupons for generic brands from your local grocery store.

You may be tricked into thinking that using the awesome coupon for the high-end items truly will put more money back in your pocket. But let’s get into the nitty-gritty here.  

Even after using the coupon for the name brand items, most of the time you can still get the generic item cheaper! Next time you’re in the grocery store, do a comparison.  

Say you’re buying cereal. The Kellogg’s cereal has a $1 off coupon in the paper today. You take it with you and see that, after using the coupon, you’d get that box for $2.99.  Sounds great, right?

Now look at the generic box sitting next to it. Same size, practically the same ingredients, and the cost is $2.49. Which one is the better deal?  

How To Save Without Coupons

I personally almost never clip coupons anymore, because generic items are always cheaper! And we only focus on the staples in my house: produce, meat, baking goods, milk, etc.

But there’s another secret that will decrease the cost of those generic items even more, without coupons!

When you price match your items at Walmart, you will get that food for even less than what you were spending before! How, you say?  

Think about it. Even if you clip coupons and you love staying with certain name brand items (that’s great, stick with what you feel is best to your needs), can you ever find coupons for meat, fruits, or vegetables? Nope. Almost never!

So when you price match these items at Walmart, it’s like getting everything on sale, or having coupons for everything, because you’re getting the cheapest advertised price in your entire area.  All. The. Time.


How to Save Money with Price Matching

It’s truly easy.  

You don’t have to have your local ads to show to the checker at Walmart in order to prove the price of your grapes is what you say it is. It’s truly a big honor system most of the time. You simply tell the checker the competing price and they ring it up that way.  

Now, there are details like keeping the exact size, weight, and packing the same as the comparable advertised item. So it can get a little tricky. But just ask any Walmart employee and they’ll be happy to explain it.

“Sure,” you may be thinking. “But I don’t really want to spend all that time clipping coupons OR scouring ads for price matching deals. Is this REALLY worth all the effort?”

I’ll tell you…YES!

Now Maximize Your Price Matching Savings

I have another secret that will answer your question.  

You don’t have to subscribe to the newspaper daily, or drive all over town getting ads from every grocery store. You can just use this simple, quick, and easy tool that I always keep by my side.


Enter Deals To Meals. Deals to Meals is an online app that compares all of your local grocery ads to Walmart (or wherever else you normally shop) and tells you what is the cheapest. Here’s how it works:

  1. You simply sign in to your account, choose the local stores you like to use.
  2. Then it will show you all of the sale items that week that are cheaper than Walmart.
  3. Print off that list and take it to Walmart.
  4. Purchase those items at the price match cost.

Then you’re golden! No coupons, no ad scouring, no wasted time. Only grocery savings, time savings, and less stress.


The best part is that Deals To Meals only charges a tiny $4.95/month membership fee for all their trouble! And this is WAY less than what you’d save by using their system. (Use this link to grab a two week free trial!)

How Much Can You Save?

So now you can see why price matching on generics is so much better than clipping coupons. I wish I had known about it years ago.

In fact, after I starting doing this, my grocery spending dropped $300 a month. Three hundred dollars!

Your situation is totally different than mine, and things will vary, of course. But just think about it… All the things you could do with an extra $300 per month!

Comment below and tell me your plans (and your results the next time you try price matching!).

How to Save Money Price Matching (Not Coupon Clipping) // The Millennial Wife

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