7 Amazing Nail Polish Trends You’ll Love for Spring 2017

There is something about nail polish that will make a girly girl like me so excited to dress up and look great! I wanted to be ready to look trendy this spring, so I made a list of my favorite nail polish trends. I’m so happy to share them with you!

Do you want to wear nail polish but you have no idea what to buy? Which brand to pick, and then which color to wear? Are you willing to experiment with different nail colors this spring? These 7 nail polish trends will make you look fabulous for spring 2017!

Nail Polish Trends

7 Amazing Nail Polish Trends You’ll Love for Spring 2017

Essie, Spring Collection

Why I love it: Essie is one of my favorite brands. The thick, colorful polish leaves a beautiful color on your nails! Their choices of color are amazing! You can be vibrant, subtle, trendy or whatever else you’re in the mood for! Get some inspiration from their spring collection – they have several choices! The B’aha Moment color is so bold and beautiful!

NARS Cosmetics

Why I love it: NARS has a beautiful color that I love — Ithaque. Neutral colors look great on ladies with fairer skin. It gives your nails a subtle glow while blending in with your skin tone. Low-key nail polish is where it’s at.

Sally Hansen, Mermaid Inspiration

Why I love it: Sally Hansen is one of the most well-known nail care brands and with good reason. The Mermaid Teal might not be for everyone, but it’s so unique, that I just had to share it. If girls can dye their hair mermaid colors, then we should also be able to pull off mermaid nail polish!

Opi Lacquer, Gel Colors

Why I love it: These jazzy colors will get you ready to a night out on the town or perhaps a wedding. They have so many options to choose from… good luck! With sparkles, rainbows, bronze, bold pinks, and more. Take a look at the collection, and fall in love!

RGB Cosmetics, Creme Colors

Why I love it: Gorgeous! The creme colors are solid colors in plenty of different shades. A professional coat can happen from your own home, by you!

Zoya, Spring Petals

Why I love it: Amazing! The shimmering colors are too vibrant to pass up! The colors are absolutely stunning. If you can pick out your favorite color, and find a dress to match, you will turn heads at any party! This is the dreamy nail polish to use at any salon (even if that’s just your living room).

Julep, Zodiac Color Inspiration

Why I love it: For the spring birthdays, Aries is a flashy red and Taurus is lilac. Gorgeous! All of the zodiac colors can be purchased online. The shimmery colors are all equally radiant and will make you feel divine. You could also give one away to a friend on their birthday!

So there you have it! I hope you liked the nail polish trends that I shared. I’ve used dozens and dozens of polishes, and I truly believe that these are the best of the best! What will you be wearing this spring?

7 Amazing Nail Polish Trends You'll Love for Spring 2017 // The Millennial Wife

7 Amazing Nail Polish Trends You'll Love for Spring 2017 // The Millennial Wife

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Ayanna @ 21 FlavorsosSplendor

I love trying new nail polish. I like to change it up based on the season and I’m really looking forward to a lot of the pastels for Spring.