Make The Most Of Summer

8 Ways to Make the Most of Summer

Summer came fast, didn’t it?! I’m seeing all sorts of amazing photos of beaches and swimsuits and sunglasses and I just can’t wait to get in on the action! In the meantime, I have lots of tips and tricks on how to make the most of summer, so I thought I would share them. Read through and then comment below with your number one tip to make the most of summer! I’d love to hear from you.

8 Ways to Make the Most of Summer

Make the Most of SummerGet outside.

Getting outside in the heat can be hard, but with all the opportunities to do fun things, you won’t want to miss out on your summer! Here are some fun things to do outside in the summer:

  • Have a water fight! Something I read once said, “When your husband gets home on a hot summer day, let him be greeted by a water gun at the front door with a note on it that says ‘I have the other one and I’m waiting for you’ and let the water fight begin!” I thought that was so creative and fun!
  • Go swimming. Even if you have to hit the gym to swim, take your friends and make a big day out of it. After you’re tired of swimming, put on your swimsuit covers and hit a fun restaurant with outdoor seating. With your wet hair and your rumbly tummies, this is the perfect combination to create fun in the heat!
  • Host a scavenger hunt. Organize a couple of teams, find some great printables from Pinterest (like the Selfie Scavenger Hunt), and start a timer! Whoever is back first by whatever time you set as the deadline wins! Maybe they can pick what to have for dinner, or their team gets to pie all the others in their faces. I mean, that’s a little extreme, but remember – we’re making the MOST of summer here!

Stay cool (and out of the sun).

This summer is gonna be a scorcher, so wearing things made with sweat-wicking material can really help. Consider investing in a large beach umbrella – the kind you can set up and sit under in a lawn chair. Staying cool means you’re not constantly under the hot sun, and your skin is protected.

Remember to relax and read a good book. I just finished In Her Wake by Amanda Jennings, which I loved! Thrillers are perfect for the summertime.

Try a hammock in under some beautiful trees or find a lake or pond in your area to sit near and snack on your favorite goodies while listening to some chill music and hey – bring along that umbrella we talked about. That’s the ultimate experience right there!

Get involved with your community.

One of my favorite summer goals is to join a trash duty crew and walk around the city picking up trash. When you do it with friends and family, it can be a very fun event! Take snacks and maybe think about one of those picker-uppers that picks up trash for you so you don’t have to touch it. A pair of gloves is necessary for this particular activity, too.

Another option for getting involved with the community or your neighborhood is to volunteer at the animal shelter or the homeless shelter. Both are worthy causes and while you’re helping others have memorable summers, you make the most of summer for yourself, too. Helping others always helps yourself.

Take a road trip.

Make it a giant road trip. Take a big ice chest and pack it full of your favorite drinks. Eat bad food and laugh a lot. My favorite trick is to buy a comedian’s CD right before a road trip so that you’re guaranteed some laughs! (Try Amy Schumer’s Cutting — free on Amazon Prime Music!)

Some really fun, inspiring Instagram accounts to follow for ideas for your next road trip are elanaloo and resefamilj.

Here are some of my own ideas for road trips:

  • Pack up some friends (or just you and your hubby for a romantic twist) and head out to the state fair! Try all the fatty food and go on all the rides. Do everything you would’ve done as  a kid! (Maybe make your guy win the stuffed animal for you.)
  • Two words: Yellowstone. Okay, so that’s one, but I said it so dramatically that it sounded like two, alright? In all seriousness, Yellowstone is one of the most gorgeous places in the world! Road tripping through it just might be the road trip of your life.

Make the Most of SummerMake memories (and take fewer photos).

Take lots of photos, but don’t get so caught up in your photos that you forget to feel the moment. (Tweet that.)

Live in the present and never forget to take mental note of what’s happening around you. Feel those special memories take place. Being able to remember feelings and not just pictures can really help make the most of summer.

Start a new hobby!

Perhaps it’s time to take up scrapbooking, or rollerskating. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of hand-lettering. There is NO time like the present! It’s summer; anything could happen, right? Here are some of my favorite ideas for hobbies:

  • DIY soap-making. I mean, you save money…and you make yourself smell good. What could go wrong?
  • Pick up loom weaving. Didn’t know it was still a thing? It is, and it’s beautiful. There’s even a tiny loom weaving kit by this shop on Etsy.
  • Pinterest crafting. Yes, it’s official: “Pinteresting” is a hobby!! Try a new craft that you saw on Pinterest that you’ve been wanting to try, but just didn’t have the time to do.
  • Try calligraphy for the first time. There’s a great 30 day challenge right here that can help you get started!

Acknowledge the little things.

Remember to stop and notice the little things this summer. For me, it’s the way the wind blows through the tree leaves and shakes them, allowing the little bits of light to dance through onto my carpet.

Try meditating or having quiet time every morning or afternoon. Sit in the peace and quiet and try to sense every muscle in your body until you think you’ve covered them all, and then do it again. After you’ve completely relaxed, open your eyes and notice how present you feel. It’s amazing what a few minutes of quieting your mind can do!

Eat, eat, eat.

Eating well doesn’t have to mean going vegan or even eating clean. It just means eat. Eat until you smile. Share your eats with others and make it a social event. Build a bonfire and roast some marshmallows. Open up the grill and whip out some burgers. Try a restaurant you’ve been resisting because it’s not super healthy.

You never know what could hold the key to unlocking amazing memories, so do whatever it takes to make the most of summer this year!

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I LOVE spending time in the pool during the summer. It let’s me be outside on a nice day but I don’t want to die the whole time from the southern heat.