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5 Easy Ways to Drive Crazy Traffic to Your Blog

Being a blogger can feel like a constant ride on the struggle bus. Between balancing content creation, social media management, and a life (yes, you have one!), worrying about readership can seem like all too much.

5 Easy Ways to Drive Crazy Traffic to Your Blog

Implement one of these quick fixes, kick back, and watch the readers roll in.

5 Easy Ways to Drive Crazy Traffic to Your Blog

Go on a Guest Blogging Tour

Do you have a ton of ideas for your blog, but you can never put pen to paper because you’re afraid it’s not good enough? Stop nitpicking and set up a blog tour! Contact your blog besties or other established bloggers in your niche and ask for a guest blogging spot!

You’ll be much less likely to criticize something you wrote for someone else’s blog, and will be able to bring in a whole new audience.

Want to guest blog on The Millennial Wife? Spots are open for July 2016! Contact me now with a few of your ideas.

Schedule Evergreen Content to Constantly Appear

Stop struggling to come up with content to post on social media, and return to your evergreen content.

Use a social media scheduler like Buffer, for Facebook and Twitter, Tailwind for Pinterest (sign up now for free!), or Later.com, for Instagram, so your profiles are constantly active.

Update Your Social Media Profiles

Give your social media a makeover with a new profile picture and catchy bio. Be clear about who you are and how you help people, and include a call-to-action that tells new followers where they can learn more.

Join a Pinterest Group Board

Pinterest is my jam and it can be yours, too! Join a group board (like mine on Lifestyle Blogging Tips!) and pin your content to it once a day.

Ask your new group board besties to share your content, or post something so amazing they’ll be dying to share it with their audience. Return the favor and share their pieces to your Pinterest account, too!

Submit to the Huffington Post

Write a blog post and email Ariana Huffington at arianna@huffingtonpost.com. You’re much more likely to get published if you email her directly than submit it through the submission form.

You’ll be a real published writer! Let your readers know you’ve been in a major publication in your upcoming newsletters and watch your numbers grow as Huffington Post readers come to your beautiful blog.

For more tips on how to successfully submit to the Huffington Post, check out this AWESOME blog post from Smart Mom Blogger!

5 Easy Ways to Drive Crazy Traffic to Your Blog // The Millennial Wife

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