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30-Day Healthy Bride Challenge

My wedding day is rapidly coming up in just a few short weeks! During the final 30-days of the before-the-wedding stretch, I’m completing a 30-Day Healthy Bride Challenge.

Throughout my engagement I haven’t been focusing too much on trying to lose weight. I already knew that I would be stressed out enough with the planning, so taking on a diet was really not something I was interested in. I also bought my dress very early on in the process and did not want to have expensive alterations.

But once it got down to the last 30 days, I decided that I wanted to do a last-minute preparation since I did gain a few pounds in the past year since I bought the dress. Plus, it’s always good to make an effort to be healthy! I’d definitely like to be a healthy bride on the big day.

30-Day Healthy Bride Challenge // The Millennial Wife

The 30-Day Healthy Bride Challenge

The Goals:

  1. No desserts or sweets
  2. No eating out (except for the rehearsal dinner and our joint bachelor/ette party)
  3. Cook healthy meals for dinner
  4. Replace breakfast and after-dinner snack with Slimfast shakes
  5. Attempt to limit carbs

Adding in Some Exercise:

I personally believe in the whole “80% of weight loss is your diet” thing, but I do plan to keep up or maybe slightly increase my current routine.

Right now I’ve been focusing a lot on doing stretching and flexibility routines, plus going on many walks with my fiancé around our neighborhood. I also like to do strengthening exercises such as squats, calf raises, and planks throughout the day.

Healthy Bride Accessories

Here are a few other health-related things that I’ve been loving lately!

  • Blender Bottle (I have the small pink one! My fiancé and I have been a big fan of these for protein shakes for years.)
  • I’m obsessed with my 3-pack of massage balls. I use these every single day on my sore muscles!
  • These ice packs are the ones my physical therapist uses, so I bought a few for our house and we use them all the time after workouts.
  • This neck massager was a bit of an investment, but oh my gosh it was so worth it. Nothing feels better than laying down on this after a long day on my laptop!

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